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IPMS offers customized management services to the international construction and property industry. IPMS vision is to deliver qualified multi-disciplinary services to clients with high demand for efficiency and sustainability IPMS services cover the following disciplines:

  • Project Management

  • Project Development

  • Construction Management

  • Property and Asset Management

  • Property Valuation and Transaction Support

Project Management

In international contractual format, Project Management is defined as:

"The mobilization, under a single responsibility, of a multidisciplinary team required to implement the project within the Client’s objectives of schedule, quality and costs”.  

IPMS defines a project as the entire process from an idea, through planning,  procurement, execution and commissioning to finally hand over a completed project to the client. IPMS provides project management services  by offering consultancy services in the capacity of acting as the Project Manager during the entire execution of a project. The Project Manager identifies with the specific needsand objectives of the project, thus delivering cost-efficient and sustainable results.

Project Development

IPMS’ definition of Project Development is the multifaceted process coordinating activities needed for converting project concepts from paper stage into real property. Within this service discipline, IPMS can assist a client with, among others, the following tasks:

  • Land Acquisitions IPMS identifies land requirements, searches and recommend suitable land plots and conclude the purchase.

  • Pre-Project Studies IPMS assists in formulating the project concept, perform pre-project activities such as pre-planning, design, marketing and financing.

  • Procurement and Construction Management IPMS coordinates activities including testing and commissioning leading to hand over of the property and putting it into operation.

Construction Management

On behalf of the client and its appointed Project Manager, IPMS provides Construction Management to monitor the overall activities on a construction site by coordinating consultants, contractors, sub-contractors and inspectors to finally hand over the completed project to the client’s Project Manager. Within the services of Construction Management are the following main tasks:

  • Managing the structural and civil works on a site is to be engaged in the physical construction works which has to be monitored and documented in detail. The duties include establish functional safety, health and environmental routines and to perform time, quality and budget control.

  • Coordination of installation works is to be the interface between construction and installation to secure the different contractors ability to perform and deliver their respective parts of the project in accordance with the contract.  

  • Testing and Commissioning is to ensure that installations are operational and in accordance with contractual specifications, laws and regulations following defined testing and commissioning programs.

Property and Asset Management

IPMS’ definition of Property Management is the perpetual refinement process of systems and resources required to manage the life cycle of a property.

  • Property Management includes marketing, leasing, administration, facility management, periodical repair, fitting out or other larger reconstructions/alterations of the property.  

IPMS’ definition of Asset Management is to assist in the operation of an asset being a part of the client’s core business, to obtain maximum operational performance and profitability. The objective is to minimize the whole life cost of assets where critical factors such as risk or business continuity may be considered objectively. Asset Management also contains the services of assisting with Distressed Asset Management and Financial Restructuring and Recovery  activities  

  • IPMS’s definition of a distressed asset is an asset put on sale because the owner is forced to dispose of it. IPMS assists the client in mitigating risks and problems that a distressed asset may pose with the purpose of exiting the asset with optimal value for the client.

  • IPMS’ definition of FR&R is the client’s business facing financial under-performance or crisis to create a platform for recovery. IPMS assist the client in creating better understanding of the commercial, financial and market position of the property, business, prospective viability and restructuring options available.

Property Valuation and Transaction Support

IPMS offers the services of Certified Property Valuations and Property Value Estimates. IPMS’ definition of Certified “definition change to will deliver ”Property Valuations is a full and comprehensive property valuation which produces reports underwritten by a certified appraiser. For a client not in the need of a full valuation, IPMS offers Property Value Estimates which is defined as a less comprehensive valuation which produces a report that indicates the current and future value of a specific property.

  • A Certified Property Valuation is performed in accordance with RICS and/or other local or international valuation standards. The report gives the client a thoroughly investigated and traceable value of the subject property to form the basis for a property transaction, or be used as collateral in negotiations with financial institutions.

  • A Property Value Estimate form the basis for the client to take decisions on further actions in relation to the property. Such actions can be legal, financial, technical due diligence (DD) or a full Certified Property Valuation. IPMS can on behalf of a client perform technical, legal or financial due diligence in relation to the target property.


IPMS offers Transaction Support Services. IPMS’ definition is assisting the client in preparing, marketing and finalizing a sales transaction of a property or other type of asset by evaluating the marketability of a property/asset, formulating a sales plan, prepare the property/asset for sale, coordinate the sales process and implement it on behalf of the client.

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